Working hours.

Thomas Edison slept over his desk, Elon Musk slept under it. That was their choice, not mine.

There is this quote from SCRUM, by Jeff Sutherland, that makes me think about this:

“Hours themselves represent a cost. Instead, measure output. Who cares how many hours someone worked on something? All that matters is how fast it’s delivered and how good it is.”

People often overestimate working hours, as if it meant they are getting things done. Not resting, not reloading, sleeping over (or under) your desk will not grant success or fulfillment — even after many many years of doing it. I bet you know thousands of hard workers that put in even more hours than Elon or Edison and are not that famous or reached “success”.

Being sleep-deprived or even being away from family is a choice, not a condition to get results. It took me a long time sleeping less than I should and not taking care of myself to realize that, and we should not expect other people to do so.

Relaxing, taking time off, being with our families and friends… those things nourish our lives and help us be better professionals.




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Lucas Piccoli Weinmann

Lucas Piccoli Weinmann

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