Are you locked up in pitch prison?

Isaac van Amburgh, the lion tamer in a cage — Painting by Edwin Landseer

At the start, pitching your ideas might feel amazing. You feel like you are on a stage. People stop, listen, and think about what you have to say. You network a lot, get to know different people, and at many times, they might get the potential of your idea and that feels great.

With time, that validation part starts feeling a bit empty. You went through so many decks and presentations, irrelevant feedback, trips, and endless conversations of a 2-years scenario, 5-years scenario that never comes… That sense of thrill and excitement starts to fade away and you can’t help but feel locked up. That’s pitch prison.

One feeling always stood out to me when founders realize how close they are to the first launch of a lean and solid product. When something that puts all past ideas to proof is near, there’s the thrill of uncertainty, of course, but also a giant sense of RELIEF.

How can they get out pitch prison?
They tech their way out of it.

  • They don't have a deck, they have a landing page.
  • They don't have a detailed financial plan for the next 5 years, they have a payment gateway.
  • They don't have interested people, they have active users.
  • They don't rely on what they imagine their future users will want, they have direct feedback and a backlog.
  • They don't have clickable high fidelity prototypes, they have a simple responsive website.
  • They don't have 20% of 5 ideas, they have 1 simple product end to end.

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Lucas Piccoli Weinmann

Lucas Piccoli Weinmann

Startups from the ground up | More on

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